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A light-hearted, exceptionally informative, look at the sky for ages 10+ years old.
Experience everything above your head in a new light…darkness.


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Witness the Heavens Above…

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Let the stars blow your mind…

During the day, above our heads, floats a familiar sky,  Vibrant blue, fluffy clouds and a burning ball of Sun radiating a warming heat down upon us.

Then the Sun sets, and off to bed we go.

Take this opportunity to do something other than sleep.  For as you doze off the night sky explodes above us.  No longer uniform blue it is now filled with a billion different natural bodies and a few man made objects.  Join us on our experience of the night sky as seen from 58N.

Hear from your guide all about the sky above your head in a combination of in-bus briefing and out-door experience.  In almost all weathers we take you on a journey from questioning the Big Bang to asking where does it all end.


Our Aim

The aim of this experience is to inspire.  First and foremost we aim to give you a fun, cold, sober(ing) night out!  Secondly we want to inspire every generation young and old to go further and find out more.  Finally we want to be able to give you information about things above your head so that you can go back and tell many more people about the cool things that are happening in space.  So please tell us if we are achieving those goals because we love what we do, we love space and we love you coming with us.

The Experience





~3 hours, season dependant
~3 hours, season dependant

Times start earlier on darker nights

Our tour of the sky also tours around the island to some of the key sites.  With roughly an hour of travel time and just over an hour of sky watching it’s the perfect evening out.  We also provide warming refreshments for the trip.  

For start times check our available dates and times.



Inside & Outside Experience
Inside & Outside Experience

Weather no problem...most of the time...

The Isle of Lewis sits on the very edge of the Atlantic ocean and can often suffer from cloud and rain rolling in, unimpeded, from the ocean.

Your experience is therefore in two parts. In the minibus we run  an interactive, fun, session on everything over our heads which will set us up correctly to understand what it is we see once outside.



Mac Walker
Mac Walker

BSc. Chem. & Astrophys. Cert., LLB, MBA

Your guide is Mac. With parents from the island, now living on the island and having a fascination with the stars since childhood, Mac offers a fun, light-hearted and educational insight into the sky above.

With an aim to engage and inspire everyone, young and old, you are guaranteed a great night out.


  • Be 10 years or older (those aged 18 and under must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Bring protection for wet weather. We never let the weather get us down*
  • Wear clothes that will keep you cosy (body, hands, feet and head).  We are quite far north.
  • Download any sky at night app to help you out.  We recommend Stellarium.
  • Charge your phones so you can use the app
  • Read OUR FAQs

* In the event of extreme weather we will provide a refund.

Do not…

  • Forget to take your ticket
  • Bring luggage other than a small bag/back-pack as we don’t have space on our bus
  • Bring anyone who is not ticketed
  • Bring animals/pets
  • Bring alcohol or your own consumables
  • Be drunk on arrival or you will be refused access to the minibus
  • Be abusive to the tour team or anyone on the tour.  This will not be tolerated.

Collection Point

Experiences depart from the Ferry Terminal in Stornoway.
Collection from certain hotels can be arranged at the time of booking.



                          per person

Our experience is packed with information and starts with a briefing to get you up to speed on what is up there above us.

For this reason we treat young and old the same in terms of price.  It’s also the reason we ask our guests to be at least 10 years old as there often needs a lot of patience in the outdoor phase but we have no upper age limit!

Information & Booking

Key Information

    Tour times vary depending on the time of year.  Head to the booking page to find out dates and times.
    Collection point is outside the main door of the Caledonian MacBrayne Ferry Terminal in Stornoway
    Pick-ups can also be made by arrangement at time of booking (see inclusions/exclusions)
    All tours are in English
    Times and dates vary depending on the time of year
    Dates and places are limited
    Groups never exceed 16
    Minimum group size is 2 for our experiences to operate
    Guests should be over 10 years old and, if under 18, should be accompanied by an over 18.
    When our experiences go ahead it is usually very cold outside so we recommend warm clothing, hats, scarves and gloves, warm boots
    We do supply refreshments to keep you cosy
    We cannot accommodate luggage on our experiences
    You can enhance your experience by downloading the Stellarium app and keeping your phone charged


    Night-sight torches
    Star guides to keep
    Astronomical viewing binoculars
    Transportation and collection from Stornoway
    Pick-up from Ferry Terminal and various hotels on request
    Drop off at same place as pick up
    English speaking guide 
    Pick up and drop off from non-Stornoway hotels
    Warm clothing and protection from the elements

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations and refunds where the passenger cancels a tour reservation


The date on which we receive notification by telephone, email or in writing of your intent to cancel is the effective cancellation date. Your notice of cancellation must be confirmed as received by Us (Malcolm Walker t/a Heavens Above Hebrides) to be effective.
No refunds are offered if a customer is late for a tour, was unable to find the pick-up point or for any other reason outwith the control of Us.
You must be at the departure point (Stornoway Ferry Terminal) or the arranged pick up point agreed by Us 15 mins before the advertised departure time.

Cancellation charges are:

  • 14 days prior to departure
    A full refund will be granted.
  • Within 14 days of departure date and up to 7 days before departure
    A full refund will be granted if the seat can be resold. Every effort will be made to resell the seat but a 50% charge will be applied if the seat cannot be resold. In the event of a tour being cancelled by Us the customer will be fully refunded.  Unfortunately we are not able to book you on to the next available tour as it is often after our guests have departed the island.  If you wish to re-book you must start again using our web booking service.
  • Within 7 days of departure date
    No refund 

Cancellations and refunds where We cancel a tour reservation
We (Malcolm Walker t/a Heavens Above Hebrides) reserve the right to cancel a tour if the minimum number of passengers has not been reached (normally  2 passengers) or any other circumstances where we believe it to be necessary, e.g. dangerous weather conditions, unavailability of tour guide or service vehicle or other safety-related concerns. In such cases guests will be informed as soon as possible and offered a refund of any monies already paid excluding any fees incurred in making the payment.  Unfortunately we are not able to book you on to the next available tour as it is often after our guests have departed the island.  If you wish to re-book you must start again using our web booking service.


  • Is there parking at the pick-up point?
    There is plenty of parking near the Ferry Terminal although we do not recommend parking at the Ferry Terminal as this can be closed and locked by our return time.  There are main, free, harbour front car parks in Stornoway which are two minutes away from the terminal.
  • What time should I be at the pick up point?
    You should arrive 15 minutes prior to your pick up time.  Due to tight timescales, and the length of our tours, we cannot wait if you are late and we do not offer refunds if you miss your pick up time.
  • What happens if the weather is poor?
    There are only two occasions where we cancel our tours.  Firstly when the weather is so severe it is unsafe to be outdoors.  This would include general storm conditions.  Our tours will run if there is light or intermittent rain or snow.  Secondly we will cancel a tour if there is more than 6 oktas of cloud.  We aim to provide at least four hours warning of a cancellation and it is essential that you provide a contact number or email so that we can issue a cancellation. Our tour bus will not make collections when a tour is cancelled.  We will also place a note on our website regarding any tour cancellations.
  • Is there any shelter on the out-door portion?
    The bus will act as our shelter.  We are an environmentally friendly bunch of explorers so we do not leave the bus running so ensure you have enough layers to keep you cosy but the bus will act as wind and rain shelter.
  • Will there be midges?
    Ahh the famous midge.  Their season is from late May to early Sept so if your tour is in these months then they may be present but they are  usually all in bed by the time we go out.  In the winter months we are usually midge free.  However if you have a reaction to them we suggest ensuring you have some insect repellent with you – make sure you read the labels and ensure you do not react to the chemicals they use for your own safety and before joining the tour.
  • Are there toilets on the tour?
    We do not have access to toilets during the tour but once out in the wild you are free to relieve yourself in the open air of nature (away from the other tour guests of course).  Please bring your own essentials if you think you may avail yourself of this opportunity!
  • How long do I spend on the bus?
    We will be making two or three stops on our route and we are usually 30 mins on the bus in between each stop.
  • How accessible is the tour?
    We welcome everyone on our tours but we are unhappy to note that our vehicle does not accommodate wheel chairs.  
  • Do you accommodate children?
    We welcome children over the age of 10.  This is mostly due to the required attention spans where we can be waiting for cloud to clear and we want all of our guests to enjoy the experience.  We also do not want to expose young children to the temperature extremes that can occur on our tours.  All guests 18 years or younger must be accompanied by a guest 18 years plus.
  • Do I need to bring food or drink?
    We do supply refreshments and snacks on our tours but the tours are short enough that we do not permit guests to bring their own food or drink.  We do not allow alcohol on our tours and we reserve the right to refuse our tours to anyone who is, in our judgement, intoxicated at the time of the tour.   We permit any medically required foodstuffs or medicines.
  • Should I take our travel insurance?
    We recommend that anyone travelling away from home takes out travel insurance to cover the unexpected

Tour With Us


We are happy to help you with any questions you may have.  Please feel free to get in touch!